Five Star Review!

Five Star Review!

We’re delighted to receive this five star review from a client satisfied we’ve successfully placed in a home suitable for their needs. They are very happy with the service we provided and happy with their new home..

Review Branch Properties 

I come from the Netherlands and use a wheelchair and was moving to London for my job with my family and was looking for suitable housing when I contacted Branch Properties.

I had been in touch with many companies with my requirements when I decided to contact the Disability Horizons website on a limb to see if they can help me find someone who understood the difficulties in finding suitable housing for disabled people. It was almost like a shot in the dark and I did not know what to expect especially with all the requirements we had and also sitting all the way in another country.

Through them I was put in touch with Branch Properties and in turn Ms Sallie Stone-Bearne as someone who has a bespoke service to help with my situation. I had wanted a two bedroom house with wide enough doors to go through, two bathrooms, a parking space and most importantly something that is a walkable distance from my work in central London on a specific budget.

Just thinking about these requirements would be a challenge for any agent looking for a property and I understand how difficult it is to find something that ticks all the boxes. Yet when Sallie took up the challenge, there seemed a positive energy and a hope that something was possible.  I spoke to her over the phone from the Netherlands and she listened keenly to my requirements not once asking to compromise or saying that something was not possible.

Living so far away I became dependent on Sallie to shortlist suitable properties which my family in London could see albeit for only a short while. During this whole process Sallie uher viewings, trying to understand our views of the properties shown and tailoring her search to our specifications hence, only showing us properties that were completely suitable. Having her look for properties on my behalf was almost like I was looking at them myself in person. That was the level of trust and faith that I had developed in Branch Properties and Sallie through our discussions.

In the end Sallie found us exactly what we wanted. A cozy flat situated a15 minute walk from my workplace for a rent that was suitable for central London standards and in a location that the whole family now enjoys. But her assistance did not stop there. She helped me with finalizing the contract, looking through the inventory report and providing me with information on where I may get suitable adaptations which need to be made. She even visited me in my new home to check if all was well and if she could help in any way. She has also helped and advised me in tackling any difficulties with the landlord and his agents.

Therefore, in working with Branch Properties and Sallie Stone-Bearne I am sure you will find someone you can trust to do the best for you. You will have someone who is honest and works with you to find the most suitable property catering to your needs.

Thank you Branch Properties and Sallie Stone-Bearne!!! You have been a great help. It’s not easy finding accessible accommodation. I am grateful to Disability Horizons who referred me to you. Knowing that you actually went to see properties before sending them to us was really reassuring. In addition, having you speak to the agents in our behalf was great as well.  I appreciate all your efforts and the work that you have done in a very short space of time.  I will definitely contact you in the future as well.

Thank you for everything

Warm regards from a satisfied customer