Creating accessible bathrooms for inclusive living

Creating accessible bathrooms for inclusive living

The importance of a wheelchair accessible bathroom.

When it comes to finding a potential home, “I loved it but can’t use the bathroom,” rates right up there as one of the most frustrating and upsetting feedback comments we regularly receive.  When we are looking for properties, the bathroom not being accessible is the issue we are faced with 99% of the time.

Here at #BranchProperties #Accessible #Housing #Specialists, we find so many beautiful properties #forSale or #tolet, which sadly, cannot be lived in by many of our clients because some or all the rooms are just not accessible.

Image of tiny and inaccessible shower room
Image of tiny and inaccessible shower room

Often the bathrooms are too small to swing a cat, let alone turn a wheelchair in with inaccessible baths and even most showers, are not usable for a wheelchair user.

@Branch properties has a wealth of experience you can trust when it comes to finding #accessible #inclusive homes for people with #disabilities and has many #landlords (and landladies) who care deeply about making their property accessible but don’t know how to go about making the changes the property needs. Some things can’t be fixed but creating a #wetroom and fabulous #bathroom is not one of those things. And the designs for fully accessible bathrooms complete with bells and whistles are fantastic.

What do homeowners think? 

Many homeowners have a notion that making their house accessible will make it less desirable to #tenants or #purchasers and this is because, historically there have been some adaptions that were purely functional with no attention paid to appearance or pleasure. Many of our clients when coming home from hospital, say that the adaptions in their home feel very clinical.  This is the last thing that they need whilst trying to rehabilitate.

But thankfully, this is no longer need be the case. Making a bathroom #wheelchair friendly and beautiful, is happening more and more often now.  It is something that can enhance the value of the property and, more importantly, make it something to be proud of and enjoy using. And the thing is, we never know what we are going to need in the future, we simply don’t know what is around the corner… Can you imagine having to leave your home because you cannot use the bathroom? This does happen to far too many people far too often and on top of that, let’s face it, we are all getting older.

We all know how lovely it is to revitalize in the shower or use it to cool down on a wonderful hot and sunny day and then fun of getting ready to go out, and of course how important this is for our wellbeing and health.

Image of stunning Fine & Able wet room
Image of stunning Fine & Able wet room

You can read our previous blog here about getting out and about in a wheelchair, but today is about getting into the bathroom, taking a shower and using all the usual facilities.

Our partners Fine & Able

Another example of stunning Fine & Able wet room
Another example of stunning Fine & Able wet room

We work with a company called Fine & Able, who specialise in creating beautiful, level access wetrooms. Fine & Able is the ‘for home’ brand of the RIBA award-winning accessible design company, Motionspot. Together we support Branch clients to make their bathrooms easier to use with an elegant twist. Here’s what we did together for one of our clients who said ‘What I really want, is a bathroom that people will comment on because it looks good and works, not one that they will notice because it looks clinical. As you can see here, they certainly exceeded his expectations. The bathroom is fabulous and he was well pleased.

Click here for more ideas about their wonderful accessible bathrooms and how it could improve your home, whether for yourself, to sell or for your investment property.

Do you have a home that could work as an accessible property? 

If you are a landlord and have a property with a large bathroom on the ground floor, your property could be perfect for a stylish and inclusive home for all.  Please contact us, we’d love to hear from you?

Similarly, if you need our help with anything else, please do get in touch.  Contact us on today on 020 3475 4022, or visit our website


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  1. Dear Sirs.

    Do you work with councils to install DFG wet room etc?


    Chris McMullen

    1. Hi Christopher,
      Thank you for your message. We have been instructed by several councils to help to find properties for clients, but we have not been asked to work with councils to install DFG wet rooms. Does yours need adapting?

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