Exciting new business relationship

Exciting new business relationship

As ‘Accessible Property Specialists’, we are always looking out for new and exciting solutions to offer our clients when we are searching for the perfect home.  Whether our clients need us to adapt their home they are in due to not being able to get around as well as they used to, or if a client has had an accident and overnight their own home has become inaccessible so we need to  find them a new one, we want to find the right solution for their personal requirements.

To assist us with offering more options, we are  delighted to be working with The Platform Lift Company as our main provider of accessibility surveys for lift installations.

We are now in a position to source even more properties as potential homes that meet the needs of people with disabilities, we can add in addition to our services, the expertise offered by the Platform Lift Company. This will help open up new opportunities for living in homes that cover more than one floor and make rooms accessible to all the family.

We are passionate that the same opportunities for comfortable home living must be available for everyone and are looking forward to being able to introduce an even more exciting range of properties with the introduction of lifts.

Our mission is to provide a service to enable people with disabilities to find their perfect home and to be fully independent. We search throughout the country for homes that are suited to our client’s unique requirements therefore we are excited to be working with the Platform Lift Company as, with their specialist skill, we will be able to offer even more opportunities for finding the perfect accessible home.

Sean O’Sullivan (Managing Director) says “We are delighted to be working with Branch Properties and to provide our residential lift expertise. Our common goal of making more homes accessible through innovative design means together we can really make a difference to people in terms of giving them more options when it comes to choosing their preferred environment, and the potential to increase their living space.  It will also help raise awareness of the stylish residential lift solutions that are now available which could add value to their home.”

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