New Year, New home?

New Year, New home?

New Year, New home?

Happy New Year! It is that time when we all look forward to the New Year, have made resolutions (we sometimes stick to) and can be pleased to see the back of last year…

Finding a new home is one of the most popular resolutions that we make, something we all think of at several junctions… However, it is a much easier prospect for some than for others…

Did you know that a shocking 93 per cent of homes lack the basic accessibility that make them even ‘visit-able’ by disabled people, let alone move in-able?

We always say that looking for new properties and moving home is challenging enough full stop, especially in London.  However, when you’re disabled and looking for a property, this faces you with many more challenges, as we see and hear about daily.

We’re delighted that the wonderful Shona Louise joins us as a guest blogger to discuss her thoughts on these issues.  Shona is ranked as one of the top ten disability bloggers and has developed into a writer and activist. She’s spoken out on disability rights, accessibility and able-ism within the media, both online, print, radio and on TV, so we’re delighted she’s joined our discussion.

As Shona say “Moving home can be stressful enough on its own but when you suddenly find that disability comes into the equation, things can become even more challenging. Or, if you’re like me and you’re looking to move out of your family home but with little idea of what kind of property or adaptations you’d need. It’s something I’d given little thought to until recently, whilst I know my body better than anyone I don’t have as much knowledge as I’d like on what adaptations are available to make life a little easier and more independent, especially with technology changing and improving everyday”

Please read her blog in full here ‘’

Shona would love to hear about any advice you might have for a disabled person who is moving home or adapting their property and we’d love to hear from you with any questions or queries.

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