The challenges of finding accessible properties… by Sallie Stone-Bearne – Director and Founder of Branch Properties.

The challenges of finding accessible properties… by Sallie Stone-Bearne – Director and Founder of Branch Properties.

Step free accessOur mission is to provide a service to enable people with disabilities to find their perfect home and to be fully independent.  We are passionate about property and providing suitable homes for all.

The search for accessible properties is extremely difficult, nigh on impossible…

We saw the need for Branch Properties services when we were searching for a family member for an accessible property. Our search was extremely difficult, time consuming and frustrating… Few agents understood or were able to empathise or indeed help with the search. There can be confusion amongst some estate agents and property websites about the sector.

The UK housing sector has a shortage of accessible homes available to those in need. We identified a gap in knowledge of how to support clients wanting to rent or purchase properties privately. We also identified an increasing number of disabled people for private, independent and accessible living, and yet?  Insert photo of

We have launched a service specifically aimed at meeting the accommodation needs of disabled people and we specialise in finding homes to rent or purchase that can be modified for wheelchair users. Or those which have been specifically built or adapted.

It is difficult and disheartening when you turn up to a property after spending a long time briefing the agent and you’re assured it will be suitable for a wheelchair and yet when we arrive and see stairs up to the flat, when you especially ask for no steps on approach to property/step free access.

After trawling the local area, visiting many properties and we manage to find a suitable property with step free access or access to upper floors, off street parking, wider than standard doorways and bathrooms that are big enough for wheelchair access, then the most difficult part of the search once you’ve identified all the other requirements is the bathroom.

Most bathroom designs are small bathrooms with toilets directly next to showers in small spaces and if there is a shower, it has a high lip, and a huge sink which takes over much of the room.  There is rarely space for turning circles, let alone a level access shower room.  How we dream of turning up and finding wet rooms and yet the reality – Impossible access, unsuitable, tiny bathroom.

However, we work hard and are determined and we have the knowledge, experience and understanding of our client’s requirements. We have had a 100% success rate so far with finding our clients suitable properties.

Please see our website for testimonials and contact us for further information on: / 020 3475 4022.