Top tips for creating an accessible bathroom

We touched on this topic briefly in a previous blog, but at Branch Properties we appreciate just how important this issue can be. We hope this blog illuminates some of the independence challenges faced and offer practical tips on how to make your bathroom accessible. Ensuring your dignity and peace of mind is maintained even during this challenging time.

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(an example of an accessible bathroom we created)


The positioning and height of the toilet may well impact your ability to actually use this rather important facility. If you are struggling with getting onto the seat it may be worth considering getting a higher seat or a plinth added. You may also consider grab rails which are a simple method of helping you get on and off the toilet. Of course, you will also want plenty of room to make sure both you and, potentially, a carer can easily gain access to the toilet including the wheelchair so it may be worth moving some fixtures around to give you a little more space.

Finally, the flush – for those with limited movement a flush pad that is triggered by pushing may help promote your independence as traditional flushes often require increased strength which can be tough to use.


Easily forgotten taps may not be on the top of your list, but if you have limited dexterity those knobs can prove difficult to turn. Consider investing in a lever tap which may prove far easier or even an infra-red option which is triggered by movement and doesn’t need to actually be turned on and off. This simple measure can help make your bathroom far more accessible.


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(another accessible bathroom we helped to build)

Alarm cords

Having one of these installed in your bathroom is tremendously important. Many of our clients, quite rightly, want to maintain their independence for as long as possible, but may well find themselves having an “off” day or simply unable to cope. Having an alarm which links to a family member or the emergency services can prevent any embarrassing, or potentially life threatening situations.


Having anti-slip surfaces on your showers or floor around the bath can help prevent any unfortunate accidents whilst we would always recommend investing in easy to clean flooring. Frankly, we at Branch Properties have these in our own home because we are all about substance over style. But, if you do find yourself with limited movement then having easy to clean surfaces can make your life far easier whilst helping you maintain your independence and ensure your bathroom is accessible.


accessible bathroom, accessible house


(a wonderful accessible bathroom we helped make)


Showers can be a fantastic alternative to a bath – being far easier to access and taking up far less space. First and most importantly of course are the height of the lip of the shower for easy accees.  We would absolutely recommend thinking about where you are going to position your shower controls – possibly even keeping them outside the shower if you have a carer. You may also consider fitting a seat in the shower, meaning you don’t have to stand for any period of time and can enjoy a long and luxurious shower on those cold winter nights.

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