Accessible Property Search

Having problems finding an accessible property for you or your client to rent or purchase? We can help. 

The UK housing sector does have a shortage of accessible homes available to those who need them, but our niche property search service recognises that there are many potential properties on the market, but knowing if they are suitable always requires a visit.

We have seen demand for accessible and disabled-access properties rise dramatically and we are known as the place to come for assistance and guidance when you need to rent accessible homes.

Let us help you to find or the home to meet your needs.  We will do the hard work, so you don’t have to.

We provide a unique, specialist service and are the only property finding service designed for people requiring accessible homes that have been purpose-built, adapted or modified.

Whether it is wheelchair access, an adapted bathroom or kitchen, a property with dedicated nearby parking, services for sight or hearing impairment, or extra security, let us take the strain of finding it.

Come to us for an experienced and personal service, whatever specific needs are required, our unique service will be tailored to your needs.