About Us

Branch Properties specialise in finding, sourcing and providing accessible properties and have launched a service specifically aimed at meeting the accommodation needs of disabled people.

We are a family run business that set up due to the challenges of finding our disabled relative a new accessible home. We believe passionately that everyone should have a home suitable for their needs and we work hard to support this.

Do you need an accessible property to buy or rent? We can help.  We do the hard work, so you don’t have to.

We  are a unique, honest, ethical and independent property company who identified a gap in knowledge of how to support disabled clients wanting to purchase or rent accessible properties privately

We will meet you and your family members to discuss full assessment of requirements, size of property, area, and budget.

We will offer you personally selected properties and bespoke reports of suitability.We will send you full reports of all property details and the potential for adaptation. The report will, when necessary, include an OT assessment.

Once you have selected a property, we will have a one to one meeting with you or your family members at the property. We handle all negotiations with the agents to secure the best possible price for you.

We also work with a team of talented and trusted Occupational Therapists, Architects and Builders for all adaptations and have successfully project managed the build where required.

Our mission is to provide a service to enable people with disabilities to access their perfect home and to be fully independent. We are passionate about property and providing suitable homes for all.

At Branch Properties we believe it is important as a team to have knowledge across all services, which is why we are all hands on, with a specific emphasis on a certain specialism.   We are not just a letting agency and we are no ordinary property business.  We have kept our ‘purpose’ of supporting the landlord since our inception and the essence of this ethos is carried through all our services we provide to date.

We are the leaders in the private sector to clearly identify finding specific accommodation suitable for disabled people and we are committed to working with prospective clients or their support network to understand their needs, and will work with dedication to find the best accommodation.