For Individuals

Looking for a safe, comfortable and accessible home that meets your every need? Our huge networks give you the widest range of property options.

We excel in spotting potential that others miss, so we discover property gems ideal for adaption to meet you aspirations, your lifestyle and your budget.

If you need to find a property that could become the safe, practical and comfortable home you require, then we’re your ideal port of call.

We’re here to make sure the new home lets you get on with life and enjoy it to the full. Experienced in identifying development potential in buildings that others would miss, will help you to find a suitable property effectively and efficiently.

We identify suitable properties in accordance with our expert’s recommendations and will visit as many properties as necessary detailing the pros and cons of each.

Our excellent network of agents and developers keeps us up to date on market changes and streamlines our property-finding service. Once we find a property that could be right for you, we can meet with you and your family to discuss its location and potential as your future home.

We explain our ideas for adapting the property so it works perfectly for your client and explore any issues. With us by your side, finding the ideal property can be both successful and worry-free!


  • We work with you on a full brief of requirements, size of property, area, budget & then begin our search.
  • We will visit our hand selected properties & provide a first-hand account of suitability.
  • Full Reports include all property details and possibility for adaptation where required.
  • We will liaise with you about our findings & meet with you/your client at the property.
  • We conduct all negotiations in order to secure best possible purchase/rental price.
  • We have a team of trusted architectures and builders if adaptions are needed and can do as little or as much as you like. We offer a full ‘Project Management’ service also with more details on the next subsection.

When you’re considering a property as your new, personalised home, a detailed appraisal and suitability report on its suitability is essential.

We have a team of experts on our team who can provide reports outlining the suitability of a property, with clearly explained pros and cons of the property and to highlight the adaptations to take place to the building, as well as any risk related to planning and other statutory consents.

Our extensive experience means we can also identify any potential long-term problems and propose cost-effective solutions as part of the adaptation process. By anticipating problems before they happen, we can save you much larger maintenance and repair bills further down the line, or assist in avoiding purchasing a problematic property.

Our suitability reports can be as complex and detailed as required, or can be a simple letter outlining key points. This information is intended for any prospective buyer to be fully aware of all associated risk and potential for a sound investment. We aim to assist you as far as you feel our service is required.

Clear, effective communication. Skilled, efficient coordination. Friendly, approachable experts. These core qualities have earned us our reputation for excellent project management.

The key to successful project management is good communication and compliance. At Branch Properties we’re thorough, clear and easy to work with at all times.

Our track record in handling projects of varying sizes is your assurance that we can project manage your adaption efficiently and professionally. We go out of our way to help you and any member of your team to understand the processes involved and what you need to do. What’s more, we make your role as easy and enjoyable as possible while we manage the tough and tricky parts!

We may be experienced professionals, but we’re also friendly and helpful, and we aim to keep you and the entire construction team informed every step of the way. And when the project is complete, our keen eye for detail ensures that your new home is flawless, giving you the new start you want and deserve.

Understanding and controlling costs is a vital part of any construction project.

At Branch Properties we’ll help all we can to give you as the supervising solicitor clear costing information as far in advance as possible. A clear indication of costs also allows you (or whoever manages the finances on behalf of the client) to plan ahead for the client’s monthly outgoings, present interim payment restrictions and so on. While our main goal is to provide your client with a well-designed, comfortable and practical home, we’re also keen to make life easier for everyone by keeping a firm grip on cost efficiency from the very start of the project.

We do have trusted partners and we can provide you with a full cost breakdown. In addition, we always recommend two other informal tenders to identify as clearly and precisely as possible the costs for the whole project.