Finding Properties

We take care of it all, specialising in finding rental and purchase properties.  We manage the entire process for individuals and families, liaising with all parties involved on both sides of the purchase or rental agreement and keeping everyone in the loop..

We also assist many Solicitors and Case Managers who need to house their client in suitable, accessible accommodation. We manage the entire property process for our clients involved in litigation-based disability cases, including Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence.

We are fully aware that finding suitable disability property can be complicated. Between finding a property that meets all needs, considering adaptations, sourcing rental accommodation, and managing the purchase itself, there’s a lot to think about.

We take the time to understand our client’s requirements and lifestyle choices, using our experience of the property market to find somewhere to be fully independent and call home

Our work doesn’t stop when we find a suitable property, though, we negotiate fully and provide a level of service that is top class and as experienced property specialists, we ensure that all negotiations are handled professionally, with all parties kept up-to-date as we secure deals in the client’s best interest.

We take the stress away from what can be a very complex process, at a very difficult time. Thankfully, this is what we do all day, every day and are experts in all these areas, so can take that stress away from you.


Accessible homes to RENT
We are requested to find accessible properties to rent.  The lengthy process of finding, buying and adapting a house for disability use can leave clients in limbo. Renting homes that meet clinical requirements can be extremely difficult.

Often, agents and landlords don’t understand how a client with a disability funds a tenancy, or how their position is protected. As well as managing the search process, we also negotiate on your behalf, working with agents and landlords to find a suitable agreement that allows for any necessary changes.

No two rental agreements are the same, which is why we approach each tenancy on an individual basis, whether it’s a six-month contract or a five-year agreement. With our property expertise, renting becomes a viable short to mid-term solution for clients.

Accessible HOMES to PURCHASE
Some landlords, vendors and estate agents fail to recognise the specific needs of people with disabilities – search options are more likely to focus on the number of bedrooms, rather than properties with no stairs wheelchair space, wide corridors, or accessible bathrooms.

Our experience in the disability homes sector helps us find suitable properties, offering a full property report detailing the pros and cons.  This includes detailed summaries for every home we present, tailored to a client’s needs and considering price, location, size, suitability, modification possibilities, personal requirements, regime, schooling, family dynamics, and the property itself.

We work with our clients to find the best property available and our clients are involved in every stage of the process, from start to finish. We also handle the negotiation and management of the purchase, ensuring agents and vendors are equally aware of the process. While others may overlook this step, it’s critical so that vendors don’t abort the transaction.