Property Reports

Property Reports

We work with a number of well-known Solicitors firms, Case Managers, Insurance companies and Medical Companies with and medical cases providing them with ‘Reports of Suitability’

Most often, we work on behalf of personal injury clients assisting with reports of suitable properties and reporting where needed, any adaptions that are required for the property to work for the client.  We receive briefs similar to shown below for example:

‘Client X in his 60s – suffered stroke affecting his right side. Uses a wheelchair. Very little communication (yes/no) only. He understands everything though. 

 He is a bachelor looking to rent a 2 bedroom ground floor flat that has an accessible bathroom or could be made accessible. 1 room for potential carer (en suite)?

 Complicating factors are that Client X has cats and also smokes and wants to be able to smoke inside (on agreement perhaps that he will redecorate at the end of the tenancy?)

 He currently lives in central Cambridge. He wants to remain in central Cambridge.’

Our report is prepared after working closely with our clients to find out their specific needs with regard to their needs package developed by their care team.  Once we receive this brief about the client’s budget, location and specific needs, we use our experience, contacts and database to search for accessible properties that have the correct requirements, or which can be a successfully adapted property. We do this by:

  • Beginning the search with our reliable contacts, finding out if they have anything suitable.
  • We work closely with our on-line accessible property specialists giving them our brief.
  • As we are known as the place to come to with accessible properties, agents contact us when they think suitable properties come onto their books.
  • If the above does not produce any appropriate properties, contact all estate agents in the local area.
  • Follow up any other leads other than the above.
  • Prepare our report for our client.

If you are a firm or organisation that requires one of our reports, please don’t hesitate to contact us in the contact us section.