Congratulations as our client (and blogger) picks up her keys to her new property…!!

Congratulations as our client (and blogger) picks up her keys to her new property…!!

We first met Jess back in August 2018 when she approached us to help her with her property search in Bedford.  She desperately wanted to move out of her flat which although was accessible and in a great part of town, she wanted no noisy neighbours above and a garden so she could get a much wanted cat.

Not a big ask you’d think?  Hell yes, it was…

We’ve found and our team have been to see many flats with Jess, with many stories, frustrations and upsets along the way…  One bungalow she couldn’t get in (as there was as usual) a huge step up to the front door) so the agent then man handled her in…  Many flats that have been so pokey, you couldn’t swing a cat, let along turn around in a wheelchair, but the one that was the most annoying, was the brand new ground floor being built flat which looked like it would be lovely, but she was unable to visit the sales office, as it was up six stairs… therefore not be able to register, or look at the plans… Absolutely absurd!

Anyway, with many twists and turns, disappointments and annoyances, this week Jess finally picked up her keys to her new home!! Which was a wonderful moment for Jess and for us to be there with her for.

However, she couldn’t get through the front door (ever…) so had to have a temporary ramp made to the garden door, into the property.  She couldn’t get into the bathroom or kitchen, at all.  An architect has been to look at the property and designed a fully accessible property that will be stunning, but most importantly, will work for Jess.

Every single room will be changed, not one room will be the same, to make it accessible.  So a huge job to do, which will mean, although Jess picked up her keys this week, she is not likely to move into her new home, until at least Spring.

It just goes to show how difficult the search is for accessible properties and the lengths one has to go to, to make them work.  Not good is it?

But, from the look on Jess’s face you can see how happy she is! And we’re looking forward to project managing the adaptions and continuing to work closely with Jess.  You may recognise our very own blogger from her photo…!!

So delighted for you, congratulations Jess!!

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