Announcing our proud partnership with this fantastic organisation!

Announcing our proud partnership with this fantastic organisation!

With it being it World Spina Cord Injury (SCI) awareness day on Wednesday this week, here at BP we thought it is the perfect time to highlight this by proudly announcing our partnership with Spinal Injury Association (SIA) The expert guiding voice “For life after spinal cord injury”.

We are honoured to have partnered up and support this fantastic organisation earlier this year that is vital to newly injured members. When housing queries come through to the team, they are signposted to us for housing consultation. We are part of their strategy to be able to engage and connect their members with those who can and will assist with the gradual building back of their life.

Image of the SIA Logo

Part of this recently introduced new strategy can be read about here via their link or their video which details how they are going to achieve their aims and this strategy will guide the work that they do supporting the spinal cord injury community for the next seven years.

Just some of the startling facts SIA confirm are:

• There are well over 50,000 people living with SCI in the UK.
• There are hundreds of thousands of family members living with all the challenges that come with paralysis.
• Approximately 2,500 people will be newly injured in the UK each year of this strategy.
• That’s nearly seven people a day between now and 2030.

As part of their approach showing high priority at second on their list, is Housing. We are so proud to be one of their trusted partners helping in this field.

For many people who have been recently injured with this lifelong condition, one of the many life changing challenges they and their families have to deal with, is housing.

Think about your house and if you were injured, would you be able to get through the front door? Would you be able to get to your bedroom, your bathroom? Would you be able to read your kids a bedtime story in their bed?

We have worked with clients who have come out of hospital following months and months of pain, coming to terms with the injury and the gruelling rehabilitation and it is at this point that housing has become an issue, as they simply can longer get in their home.
We are recommended to new members as the place to come for housing advice and consultation whether that be finding, renting, buying, or selling accessible housing.

Searching for suitable and accessible housing for those who need it, is extremely rewarding as when we hand over the keys, we know this move goes a long way to assist with the adjustment to new lives for our clients and their families.

To find out more about how we can help you or your clients, please go to our website,

To support SIA in their mission and with the life changing work they do, please go to their website SIA “believe that everyone affected by a spinal cord injury, can, must and will achieve a fulfilled life” and we will be helping them to succeed in this.