Finding your dream home!?

Finding your dream home!?

Are you searching for your dream home? Do you need help finding your dream home? Searching for the place you call home is what we do!

thinking and dreaming?
thinking and dreaming?

As a #family business we put your #home at the heart of your family needs #searching and #finding the #perfecthome for you is what we do.

When do you know you’ve found your perfect home? If you are thinking of moving, the first thing to do is to dream. Why? Because, like romance, most of what we want from our home is about the heart and passion. We want somewhere makes us feel like our true selves, proud and safe. Somewhere to grow into the ambitions and hopes we have for today and the future.

We humans are like a rose that needs perfect conditions to blossom and our home is where we grow.

To get what you want you have to be clear about what need from your home at the start-off. Are you looking for a rental? Or a Purchase? So what is top of your wish list? To be near work? Space for family, the dog, the cats? Independent space for granny, nanny or carer. Something just for you, small and cosy, a private place for creativity or work? A big rambling house with loads of space. Bang in the centre of a city, isolated in a field? How do you want to feel when you are at home? #independent. #fullyAble?

Image of 'Branch homes' around the UK
Image of ‘Branch homes’ around the UK

What kind of style fits you and yours? Penthouse, flat, house with a garden? What kind of relationship with it do you have time and inclination for? Low maintenance? A complete make-over? Can you tolerate neighbour noise? A busy street with constant traffic, or do you prefer a quieter neighbourhood. This is one of the most exciting and enjoyable lists you can make. And you must make it when you are considering moving.

If you are young and starting out you might want a house-share or bed-sit. If you are moving for a fixed time because of work, you might be better off renting. What if you are leaving for a year or so and want to let your (beloved) house out just while you are gone? Do you love cooking so the kitchen is top of the list, or a den where you can work?

Still working on the wish-list, whether you are searching by visiting the area by car or on foot, or looking on-line, you need to apply some pulse tests. In case you don’t know what that is – it’s does your pulse beat with excitement when you look at that house or flat. Are you drawn to it and want to go in, do you feel at home the moment you get there? Does the bathroom feel like somewhere you can relax and self-care. Does the house ‘talk’ to you about what you can do if you live in it? Does the kitchen cook up images of tasty cuisine or do you prefer small and take-away? Did you already imagine how your furniture will look in it? Can you see yourself living there, being happy there?

Of course, at some point you are going to have to apply the reality checks. Does it tick the right boxes for you, your needs, your household members? Is it big enough? Near enough to work or good schools? Does it have the right number of rooms for everyone, accommodate your keep fit or therapy needs?

And then, like a thunderclap – the big one arrives – budget. There is always a budget requirement that can’t be avoided no matter how much money is available.

Image of a gold pound sign
Image of a gold pound sign

And then there is the whole question of accessibility. So many people have adaption needs now, or are thinking of what they are going to need in the future, such as level floor space, ground floor only, accessible bathrooms, an adapted kitchen. Space for the wheelchair and a car. An extra room for a carer. An accessible transport system for journeys to work.

The heart rules, but the head needs to engage too. It is hard to dream and be sensible at the same time. For some, its not about the dream, more about the practicality of what is possible – and that’s where a property coach comes in. What’s one of them, you might ask? Well, its us.

As experts in the accessibility market and with our experience of matching housing to people, we find ourselves increasingly in the role of coach, advisor, life-style guru and home-maker.

Whatever you need, whatever your dream is, we can help you! Get in touch with us on or or call us on 020 3475 4022



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