Our search for a suitable wheelchair accessible property and the challenges with finding landlords willing to adapt…!

Our search for a suitable wheelchair accessible property and the challenges with finding landlords willing to adapt…!

We’ve recently been instructed by one of our Personal Injury Solicitor’s again, to help find their client a home. The property requirements and size were specific to the client, as was their preferred location of course, and included taking into account where the client’s hospital is and how close and easy it will be for the parents to get the children to school, along with many other important family matters.

We were briefed to search for a house with a minimum of five bedrooms and space for a therapy room for the comfort and rehabilitation of the client.

After a lot time searching and viewing some amazing properties we were ready to provide our suitability report and although we narrowed it down as much as possible, it has been a roller coaster of a journey for the family.

Many of the properties viewed, were on the high end of the rental scale per month, and despite a lot of them have been empty for long periods of time, the negotiations on most properties fell through. Surprisingly so, because due to the client’s situation, attractive offers were made and funds were available upfront with reassurances of long term rental contracts.




The challenges were due to the fact, that there were quite a number of adaptions to be completed, to make the property suitable.  Such as ramps to front and back of the property, hoists throughout the clients bedroom and therapy room and a lift from the ground floor, up to the first floor.

The draft contract stipulated that the cost of the adaptions would be paid for by the client, be in keeping with the style of the property and require the client to reinstate the property to its original state at the end of the tenancy, . Despite this offers were turned down, time and time again.

After many knock-backs and disappointments, we remained persistent and optimistic, and thankfully, we have now found a perfect property with a landlord who is, after seeing the plans, willing to accept offers of adaptions within the property. Our message to landlords/owners is that adaptions within keeping of the style of the property can only enhance the property. Many do not accept this, but clearly there are some who are willing to do what is required to make their properties accessible.

The good news is that this week, we met contractors from our recommended firms specialising in lifts, ramps and hoist systems and are looking forward to seeing those plans move forward on this project, so that this family can move in and live comfortably and enjoy the normal comforts which we all look for in our homes.