Our report is prepared, working closely with you to ascertain your client’s specific needs. Further to receiving your brief of your client’s requirements, for example with regard to size, location, style, price, we will start the necessary search. We use our experience, contacts and data base to search for accessible properties that have the appropriate floor-space and facilities, or which could be successfully adapted, to:

  • Make our preliminary online search and widen the search with our reliable contacts.
  • Extend the search by contacting all estate agents in the local given area.
  • Visit properties and meet OT’s/support workers and clients at the property where required (dependent on level of service required)
  • Prepare and submit to you our detailed report of suitable/possible accessible properties

We have provided a large number of such reports for firms and case managers, and these have been invaluable within court proceedings as well as with regard to the practicality of finding a home for clients as quickly as possible.

Providing a report to identify properties that could meet your client’s particular need to enable them to be discharged from hospital as soon as they are medically fit to return to the community but cannot return to their previous home

We will provide a report which will identify suitable properties and inform you, other parties in proceedings, the court and relevant insurance companies, of the likely costs required to provide a suitable accessible home for your client.