Importance of wheelchair accessible housing for disabled people.

Importance of wheelchair accessible housing for disabled people.


Impact on disabled people

The office for national statistics reported that Over 8 in 10 disabled people were “very worried” or “somewhat worried” about the effect that the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic was having on their life.

More than ever, during the lockdown periods, having a suitable home, allowing independence and freedom makes all the difference.

Who we are and how we help?

At branch properties, we want to ensure finding an accessible property is one less thing to worry about – disabled people already face so many challenges with sourcing and the buying or renting accessible properties.

This is more than a business to us. I started this business six years ago, after my dad needed an accessible property and we quickly realised it was incredibly hard.  As a result, we have been the first accessible property agent on the market providing this service for six years and We are still the leading specialist providing this service and are a key player in the accessible property industry. We’re incredibly proud of our success rate of finding properties and getting landlords on board to adapt properties.

It is great that in more recent years the accessible property issue is now also being addressed by other property companies providing housing services for disabled people, the more of us that work towards the goal of providing more accessible housing, the better.

Providing accessible housing for independent living

A property that would provide accessible living for a wheelchair user, is one that we are once again delighted to promote the details of. This unique opportunity to purchase this beautifully designed and spacious building that could work well as a minimum three bedroom adapted in Egham, Surrey.

Please do contact us for more details.

Free accessibility guide

We still have our free guide to finding an accessible property which we co-wrote with disability leaders Disability Horizons, so if you haven’t yet downloaded a copy, check out our website at  go onto our website and do that now.

Keeping in touch

To keep up to date with our latest news and offerings, we also have a monthly newsletter you can subscribe to. We’ll then be able to send you details of a fantastic wheelchair accessible 4/5 bedroom house with a wet room coming up for rent at the end of March..

For now, stay safe and keep well!

Sallie and team at BP