Aspire to house a new client & free up a hospital bed?!

Aspire to house a new client & free up a hospital bed?!

Aspire needs your help to free up a hospital bed…

We hope you’re keeping safe and well in these strange times.  The property world (like a lot of us) has gone quiet, whilst we let our key workers support us daily.  But what time can be better than now to share some positive news?!

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Supporting people with spinal injury

You could help us, to help Aspire (Supporting people with spinal Injury) to house a new client in an accessible property and free up a much needed hospital bed …. How great would that be that we come together and can help in this crisis time? Please read on…

Asked to find a suitable property for Aspire … 

Earlier this year one of our partners, Aspire a charity that supports clients who have suffered a spinal injury, asked help us to search for an accessible property

Aspire had been approached by a new investor who wanted to purchase a property for Aspire to let to people being discharged from hospital who are ready for rehabilitation. This is a vital service as people cannot fully recover if they are forced to remain in hospital or other institutions due to lack of suitable accessible properties. This is the driving force behind Branch Properties.

So they approached us to do the search…

Accessible bungalow to rent
Image of accessible bungalow

Following our usual practice, we noted their requirements which follow their standard guidelines set out for all their properties, namely two bedroom ground floor flats or bungalows, fully accessible outside and in, with a wheelchair accessible kitchen and bathroom as standard with adequate turning spaces and wide doors.

As we always experience when searching for properties, very few have wet rooms or even level access showers and even fewer have accessible kitchens. With this in mind, we always look at the room sizes to establish whether they will be big enough, if adapted.  This was very much the case with this specific search in and around the Bedford.

We were advised that new builds were to be included in this case, so we initially prioritised those for our client and began our search. We went to all local agents detailing our search requirements and finding out what was available to include on our list of potential properties and our report. Once compiled, our report was sent to the clients and we organised which properties would be viewed. We went to the viewings chosen, addressing the pros and cons of each property. We were looking at the plans of some new developments and were hopeful of getting involved early enough in the build to request bespoke wet rooms and kitchens .Sadly each developer indicated that they could not deviate from the existing plans.

Wheelchair accessible bungalow ready for let!

Accessible bungalow garden

Lovely accessible garden!

Image of accessible kitchen
Image of accessible kitchen in bungalow to rent

Unfortunately, we were unable to find anything suitable in Bedford. However, Tewkesbury worked! Aspire now have a fantastic two-bedroom bungalow, with a private garden and off-road parking. The bungalow is near Tewkesbury and is fully adapted and ready to be moved into now.

All the adaptions and modifications have now been completed and this accessible property is ready for occupation.

Aspire has accessible properties around the UK for spinal injured people to move into when they are ready for discharge from hospital, but have no suitable accessible property, or if they can’t go back to their previous home.

If this is the property for you, or someone you know with a spinal cord injury who is looking for a home, please contact us straight away and we can put you directly in touch with the Aspire team.

We are always building our contacts at hospitals, charities and organisations and supporting those who need our assistance.

Now more than ever, we need to release beds, so getting someone who is ready for rehabilitation but stuck in a much needed hospital bed into a new home is of vital importance.

If you can help us to help Aspire to get this lovely property get in touch! If we can put someone in a much needed property and release a much needed bed what a fantastic achievement that will be…! Please get in touch with us below and we can put you directly in touch with who you need to speak to or their direct contact searching for properties is below our website:

Or check out Aspire’s listings below:

Most of all, stay safe!